It is our desire to see real people meet the risen Lord, to see bold people in the baptism waters, and to see eager people evangelize the world in the name of our Saviour.


Faith in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, as the only way to eternal life…is more than a statement, it is who we are. Faith Free Will Baptist Church is committed to the cause of advancing God’s Kingdom through faithful preaching and communication of the unchanging gospel to a constantly changing culture.


Following Jesus Christ will always lead you to others seeking to do the same. The gathering together of like spirits is a grace oasis in the desert of the soul. At Faith, we will find any excuse for a good meal together, an outing as friends and family, or a chance to serve together.
It’s uncommonly common.


Finding the joy in knowing God through Jesus Christ is only the beginning. We want to see others grow and thrive in their personal relationships with Him as well. Through Bible study, worship, music, acts of service, and community…we want not only to know Him more, but to share Him with all.