Faith Free Will Baptist Church is a home for your heart.

Thank you for stopping by to learn what we’re all about. We hope you see a love for people and a passion for Jesus and His gospel. He is our delight and the purpose behind all that we do — preaching, children’s ministry, outreach, and even singing. People are the heartbeat of God, and it is our desire to reach and welcome as many as we can. 

If you were to ask us to describe ourselves in one sentence, we would say, “We’re a loving fellowship, seeking to glorify God in all that we do, in the hope of reaching and healing one more heart.”

These three aspects are, for us, the essence of life for the glory of Jesus. As a loving fellowship, you will notice that we believe that church is more than a club or civic organization…it is a gathering of people desiring to be instruments of God’s grace and love to one-another and to the world around them. In seeking to glorify God in all that we do, we demonstrate to our family, friends, city, and the rest of the world the love, power, and majesty of the God we adore. Jesus is the healer of the broken heart, and we seek to bring Him to people in desperate need of His Love and Grace. This is our highest honor and greatest privilege.